Children Are Our Top Priority

Hillcrest Youth Services is a not-for-profit organization that offers unique and innovative programs to support the positive development of children in our communities. Emergency shelter and residential services are available to children and adolescents, ages 10 through 21 years of age, who need out of home placement.

Our Mission
Impacting lives and shaping futures together

Our Vision 
Children should have the opportunity to “inherit tomorrow” by developing the skills necessary to function in a family environment and independently in the community.

Our Core Values

  • Children are our top priority.
  • Children deserve the opportunity to develop life skills in a safe, therapeutic environment within their home community.
  • Children are responsible for their own behavior.
  • We will advocate for children in all aspects of their lives.
  • We will partner with others to provide optimal services to children.
  • We will always look for ways to improve our services to children and their families.
  • We, at Hillcrest can provide no greater service than to be appropriate role models for the children we serve.

Notice of Privacy Practices
This notice describes how medical information about our residents may be disclosed and how a resident may obtain access to their information.    Click Here